FRETLOG's global air freight network of hubs and sub-hubs, combined with its road feeder service or ocean freight connections, offers you door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world. This comprehensive service is backed by the expertise of local teams, who apply their up-to-the-minute insights on local conditions to reduce any risk of delays.A main advantage of FRETLOG's air freight product offer is that we are able to secure the capacity you need, where you need it and when you need it.

FRETLOG offers you the following Air Freight products:

  • Priority service
  • Standard service
  • Service Options
  • Express service
  • Economy service
  • Special services
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Priority service

Typical transit time of 1 to 2 days from departure airport to destination airport. Priority service is ideal for time-critical shipments. All consignments are scheduled for the next direct flight or fastest available connection.

Standard service

Typical transit time of 3 to 4 days from departure airport to destination airport.Standard service provides a cost-effective and timely solution, as FRETLOG serves most destinations several times a week and major centres daily.

Economy service

Typical transit time of 5 to 6 days from departure airport to destination airport. Where transit times are less critical, we recommend Economy service as it's our most economical product.

Express service

For urgent and ultra-secure shipments we suggest customers to use Express service as it employs the fastest route your cargo can take with immediate confirmation of orders.

Service Options

You can specify the pick-up and delivery options you require for each single shipment or consolidation service, such as:

  •  Door to Door
  •  Airport to Airport
  •  Door to Airport
  •  Airport to Door

Special services

FRETLOG offers the following special services in connection with our air freight products: Because certain shipments require special handling or the use of specialised equipment in order to comply with your instructions and legal requirements, we have compiled a menu of enhancements to cover almost all eventualities. These special services can be added to any of FRETLOG's standard air freight products and tailored to suit every requirement.
Options include:

  •  High Value Cargo Handling (HVC)
  •  Dangerous Goods Handling (DGR)
  •  Shock Sensitive Cargo Handling
  •  Temperature Controlled Transportation
  •  Cargo Insurance
  •  Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
  •  Certification and Legalisation of Documents
  •  Food and Drug Administration Filing (FDA)
  •  Advanced Cargo Information Filing (ACI)