Globalized and fragmented supply chains get predominant in the market while market volatility is influencing companies sourcing, production and sales strategies. In parallel, customers tend to source logistics management to avoid technology investments and learning curve. All these trends impact the growing demand for end-to-end solutions.

Working closely with our customers we develop collaborative operating models designed to give our customers a more competitive edge. We then implement them by maximising our service levels. Integrated Logistics enables the sourcing of logistics management and execution functions leading to:

  •  Improved service levels and traceability.
  •  Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related costs.
  •  Reduced inventory levels.
  •  Best practice sharing and continuous improvement.
  •  Flexibility and adaptability to change.
  •  Reduced environmental externalities.

Integrated Logistics management services will flexibly support our customers to efficiently source, make, deliver and service their products on a global scale.

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